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“As a guy with a major in biochemistry I’m telling you that the products Christine creates are amazing! She knows how to help your immune system in a safe and organic way! I’m a big fan of herbal teas and I really like her herbal tea blends. They are healthy and delicious. Great job, dear, keep it going!” ~Alex S.

“Hands down the best elderberry syrup!!! Superb costumer service too! I highly recommend Tiny Tribe.” ~Janelle L.

“The Allergy Elderberry syrup tastes amazing- even my super picky 6 year old likes it and my 4 year old said, mmm, refreshing! After just 1 day my littlest mans congestion subsided and I think I am feeling better, too! I can’t wait to try some of the other products!” ~Robyn T.

“Christine’s remedies were a life saver while I was recouping from the dreaded flu. Her knowledge and suggestions made a positive impact and helped get me on my feet. Going forward, I’ll be working with Tiny Tribe Tonics & Remedies for preventative / immune boasting care:) Christine- thank you so much for making a late night batch for me to help fight these germs. Your kindness and insights are soooooo appreciated!” ~Laura F.

“We first purchase the allergy relief in the jars and had it shipped to my son in Ohio who lives in a loft that has some reoccurring black mold. He has noticed a lot less symptoms . We couldn’t wait for the tincture and we were notified as soon as it was ready. The packaging is superior and each order has arrived in a timely manner and without damage to product. The enclosed hand written thank you is a cute touch. We love this seller and make regular purchases of a product that really makes a difference.” ~Jennette F. via Etsy

“I love Tiny Tribe Tonics and Remedies! The cocoa turmeric milk paste is my daily delicious go-to for my afternoon green tea. I am also a fan of the results from using the charcoal activated tooth powder for whiter teeth and the magnesium spray for quicker muscle recovery after workout. Bravo Christine!” ~Debra M.

“So very happy I stumbled across Tiny Tribe on Etsy. I’m not sure what is better, the excellent quality products or the exceptional customer service?! Each item is hand wrapped and packaged very secure for extra protection during shipping. The best Elderberry syrup I’ve tried (5 yr old approved). I absolutely love using these products and truly believe they are some of the highest quality I’ve bought. Thank you so much!” ~Melissa H. via Etsy

“I feel blessed to have met Christine at the Market Common farmer’s market a few weeks ago. The products i have tried of Tiny Tribe Tonics & Remedies are wonderful! All organic and full of health benefits…just what I have been looking for. The elderberry syrup for allergy relief is so helpful and I love the taste and benefits of the tumeric golden milk paste. The magnesium oil spray has helped with sore muscles and the all natural bug spray works great and smells wonderful! I am looking forward to trying more products and will be back for more of what I purchased when I get low! If you get the chance, talk to Christine about these products and try them out! I highly recommend this wonderful business and the products!” ~Susan G.

“This is the BEST tasting elderberry syrup, that I have tried! Very fast shipping, and cute packaging!
Also, thank you so much for the little extras, that were included! I will most definitely be a return customer. Thank you!” ~Taylor B. via Etsy

” The Ultimate Elderberry Syrup worked wonders for my daughter and I right before the holidays when we were both feeling colds coming on!! Taking 3-4 tbsp a day zapped whatever virus was in our systems. My daughter’s was clearly coming back for a second time after a battle with it 2 weeks before. We won’t go back to work or school without taking our daily dose!!! I highly recommend this product!!!❤ ” ~Val B.

“The Elderberry Tincture is AMAZING for reducing virus symptoms. I’m so pleased with the quality. Shipping is always very prompt, I will keep ordering from Tiny Tribe Tonics!” ~Pam G. via Etsy

“This is the best Magnesium Oil Spray. LOVE LOVE LOVE> will never be without it, I have tried everything for legs cramps and nothing worked until I tried his. It really really works. The customer service is the best. I’m so happy I found it.” ~Sharon C. via Etsy

“Have purchased several different products from Tiny Tribe, and all have been fabulous! Great packaging, great product (both my kids love), and the service is priceless!!! You can tell there is great pride and detail in the product! Thank you Tiny Tribe!!!” ~Kimbery W.